PicSafe has (soft of) become MediCam

What PicSafe Did

PicSafe was designed to enable individual doctors to take patient "pics" and store them in a "safe" (secure cloud storage) rather than on their phone. Although PicSafe was incredibly very well received, adoption was hampered by lack of awareness of the risk of privacy breaches, and concern over data costs on the mobile networks. There was considerable interest from hospitals however they required that photos be stored on their own servers and not travel through PicSafe's server.

What MediCam Does

Starting afresh, MediCam has been built from the ground up to accommodate getting pictures into a patients medical record, direct from the phone. No patient data travels through MediCam servers. MediCam compresses and encrypts photos on the phone before sending them via encrypted email, securely transmitting them direct electronic medical record systems, or to a secure third party storage service. MediCam has also added video and audio recordings.

Why Now?

In the nearly five years that have passed since PicSafe was first launched, data costs are down, mobile network speeds are up and the functionality and power of mobile phones has rocketed. It is now feasible to dynamically generate DPF reports, compress images, video and audio, and encrypt photos on a device. No need for a server!

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