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How do I securely send clinical photos via Email?

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Anecdotally, many doctors simply take a photo on their phone, email it to themselves, and then upload it to the medical record system that they use. The problem with this is, email is sending patient data via email is insecure, and there are many security issues with using the default camera app on your phone.

PicSafe has been designed to encrypt photos on your phone, before sending them. This means they can be emailed "normally" while remaining secure. If you send a "report" to yourself, you can go to and drag and drop the encrypted .picsafe file to decrypt it and view the contents. This is all done in the browser, and no patient data travels over the internet unencrypted. From here, you can simply get the photo you want to include to the medical record system and upload it like any file sitting on your system.

  1. Take a photo in the PicSafe app, enter the patient's details and get consent.
  2. Tap on the Send to row and select Email.
  3. Tap the Send button and email the report to an email address you can access on your computer.
  4. Sign in to
  5. Open the email with the PicSafe report attached and Drag and drop the .picsafe file into the box.
  6. Tap on the Save button at the bottom of the report.
  7. Import the saved image into the Medical Record system you are using.