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Is it safe to store patient data on Google Drive?

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Google drive

Many healthcare organizations are already using Google's G Suite. This includes Google Drive, which is a convenient platform for storing and sharing files.

Google Drive offers HIPAA-compliant secure storage option, and while HIPAA is a US-based standard for protecting patient privacy, it is viewed by many around the world as the gold standard in patient privacy regulation. Given Google offers a HIPAA-compliant secure storage option, it means Google Drive, in conjunction with PicSafe, can use used to help you comply with HIPAA and HITECH. Please see the HIPAA Compliance with G Suite and Cloud Identity page on their website for more detailed information.

Google is, however, a US company and, hence, raises the issue of data sovereignty. If you store data outside of Australia, then it becomes subject to the laws of the country in which the data resides.

Google allows you to choose a geographic location for your data, however the options are either the United States or Europe. To do this you need to have a G Suite Business account. You may need legal advice to determine if this is acceptable. If your organization is already using Gmail or other G Suite products then chances are the lawyers have already review this.

A "G Suite Basic" account gives you 30GB of storage. This should be enough for roughly 6,000 photos. A "G Suite Business" account gives you unlimited storage.