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How PicSafe® Works

  1. You take a photo (or record video or audio),
  2. You enter patients details (recommended),
  3. You get patients consent (recommended),
  4. App strips metadata from photos and video,
  5. App generates PDF with patient and doctor details.
  6. App encrypts all data.
  7. You select how to send the "report":
    • Email (app attaches to email);
    • 3rd Party Storage (app uploads to Box or Dropbox); or
    • Medical Record (app uploads - custom integration).

More details

How to send a PicSafe® “Report”

How to receive a PicSafe® "Report" (via Email).

The PicSafe® Solution


The PicSafe® app encrypts all data and media before being sent.

Patient Consent

Patients can either sign on the screen or record verbal consent.

Audit Trail

Access to reports is logged and is therefore traceable (geo/time/device stamped).


PicSafe® is super easy to use, just like the camera app on your phone.


Super Quick
Add Notes to Report
Send to Box
Send to DropBox
Send to Medical Record
QR Code Scanner
Barcode Scanner
PDF Report Generated
Data Erased From Device
Setup Own Server
SDK Available


Here is how everything works. For even more detail, please see the developer documents. Please view this on a bigger screen.