1001 words are better than a picture. But who's got time for that?

February 9, 2017

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Aint nobody got time for that

Everyone has heard the expression, "a picture is worth a thousand words". That implies 1001 words it better than a picture, right? Who has time to write 1001 words? Not a doctor!

Aint nobody got time for that

The term "Use a picture. It's worth a thousand words." first appeared in the Syracuse Post Standard in 1911. Then in 1913, "One Look Is Worth A Thousand Words" appeared in a newspaper ad in Ohio's Piqua Leader-Dispatch for Piqua Auto Supply House. Then in 1918, "One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" appeared in the San Antonio Light. The expression then seemed to take off in 1921 when an ad spouting the virtues of advertising on streetcars appeared in a trade journal called Printers' Ink. Click here for more.

The point is, in medicine it is quicker taking a picture than writing detailed descriptions sometimes. Many times. Most times. All times?