A MediCam / PicSafe Update

June 27, 2017

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Psm becomes picsafe

MediCam PicSafe has changed its name! Read about why, and what we have been up to over the last few months. A MediCam PicSafe Update!

Name Change

Picsafe medi

You may have noticed everything here is now called "PicSafe" not "MediCam". It was a bit of a saga, but we have changed our name! We did a "soft" release to the App Store, and we noticed an issue. Although there were no other apps called "MediCam", when you typed in "MediCam" in the App Store, you could not find our app. After lots of research, we figured out that the App Store search algorithm converts "MediCam" to "medical". It thinks you made a typo given that there is only one letter difference and the "m" and the "l" are very close to each other on the keyboard. Despite being very helpful, the kind people at Apple did not have a solution. Unfortunately, and understandably, they could not change their search algorithm for little old us. So changing the name it was.

Changing the name was a surprisingly large task. New domain name, email addresses, thousands of mentions on the website, a new logo and icons, tens of screenshots had to be replaced, throughout the website and app, replace all the images in the explainer video, a new voiceover in the explainer video, change the name with many third party suppliers.

We have gone retro with the name. The two founders of PicSafe were among the four founders of an app called "PicSafe Medi". PicSafe Medi was designed to allow doctors to store photos in a cloud account rather than on their phone. Although well received, ultimately PicSafe Medi was shut down due to only moderate uptake. Read more about it here. The PicSafe name derived from the fact that you could store your medical photos in our "safe" (noun) - our cloud server. Initially, we did not continue using the PicSafe name because MediCam seemed more relevant given we now include videos and we are not storing the photos. We have gone back to PicSafe given the issue above. We'll take the "safe" as an adverb, not a noun now! Capture and send your medical pics safely. So PicSafe it is.

New Payment Methods

Apple informed us that we needed to change the way we charge for the PRO version. Initially, we allowed you to purchase access to the PRO version for a period. For example, if you wanted access for 13 months (not sure why you would), you could buy one year and one month. Given there is a bit of a reluctance for people to sign up for subscriptions we thought this would be a good way of going about things. Apple disagreed and said we need to do subscriptions. That was all well and good, but that means our referral program would not work. There is no way of giving a user a free month when purchased through the App Store. We also received feedback that doctors would like a separate invoice for any work related purchases they make - different to the invoice that Apple gives you when you buy through the App Store (which is usually on a personal credit card, not a work related credit card. So, here is what we have done.

  • Web-based payments. We have built a web-based payment system using (powered by Stripe). You can purchase a Monthly subscription, a Yearly subscription, or lifetime access. When buying a subscription, if you get given a free month through the referral program, we will not charge you for a month. Now you can pay for a PRO account using a work credit card, and get a separate invoice.
  • In-app purchase. We changed the in-app purchase (iOS only) to a subscription. Unfortunately, if you have purchased through the App Store, we can't credit you for free months from the referral program. To compensate, if you sign up, for a monthly or yearly subscription we give you the first month free.

It is obviously not ideal having tow different payment methods, but we do, and we will have to deal with it. Hopefully, it is not too confusing for people!




Based on feedback, some were a little unsure of what to do when they opened the app. We have added a "wizard" to help guide you through sending your first report when you first open the app.

We also found that those that discover the PicSafe through receiving a report, by the time they had downloaded it and created an account, they forgot that the report was attached to the email they received. We have put in a reminder in this situation.

New pricing page

The new pricing page, of course, does not affect the app, but we received feedback that it was not as easy as it should be to work out what you get with PicSafe PRO. As such, we improved the pricing page to make it clearer. We also added an "Upgrade to PicSafe PRO" prompt at the top of the app for those using the free version. It became apparent that people did not realise that there was a PRO version.


Many small improvements.

There are a lot of small, behind-the-scenes improvements that make the app run quicker and smoother.

So here we are. Apple is reviewing PicSafe, and we will hopefully be live in the next few days. Stay tuned.