Consent in 19 Languages

June 27, 2018

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19 languages

To make it easier to get consent from patients that don't speak English as their first language, the PicSafe app now has the consent screen in 19 different languages.

19 languages

The "What is PicSafe?" video is also available with sub-titles (if you have the sound turned off), and there is even a French version of the video. Magnifique! The languages included are:

French Français
Spanish Español
Portugese Português
Italian Italiano
German Deutsch
Simplified Chinese 简体中文
Traditional Chinese 繁體中文
Japanese 日本語
Korean 한국어
Vietnamese Tiếng Việt
Russian Русский
Greek Ελληνικά
Indonesian bahasa Indonesia
Malay Melayu
Hindi Melayu
Thai ไทย हिनदी
Hebrew اللغة العربية
Arabic עִברִית
French consent