PicSafe In 20 Seconds

April 22, 2018

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What is thumb

We've just created a video to be included in the PicSafe app that helps explain to patients what PicSafe is.

To make the process of taking patient photos easier, we are adding the ability for doctors (and other health professionals) to hand their phone to a patient, and the patient can view a quick 20-second video explaining what PicSafe. Patients can see the video before they are asked to give consent. We aim to make it easier for doctors, prevent doctors from having to repeatedly explain what PicSafe is, and make sure that patients are adequately informed.

We have created four versions. They are all the same except for two variables, accent (we have US and Australian versions) and profession (we have one for doctors and one for other health professionals).

These videos will appear in an upcoming app update. Stay tuned.

For Doctors - US Accent

For Doctors - Australian Accent

For Health Professionals - US Accent

For Health Professionals - Australian Accent