PicSafe Is Literally On FHIR

June 26, 2018

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PicSafe now supports Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR). FHIR is the emerging standard for exchanging health information to and from electronic health records.


FHIR is a new and emerging technology aimed at improving the ability to share medical data. Many of the top EMR/EHR vendors are or have committed to providing interfaces that support FHIR connectivity. PicSafe can interface with FHIR-based systems which means you can get PicSafe up and running within your enterprise super quickly.

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One very cool feature of our integration is that we will match the patient information entered with patients stored in the FHIR server. This makes it very difficult to assign a report to the wrong patient. It also means that a patient ID can be entered or scanned and the doctor does not need to enter all the patient details. There are a few rules around this:

  • If there is a single direct match with the name, and date-of-birth, or with patient ID the report will be linked to that patient.
  • If there are multiple matches for the last name and date-of-birth, the user is prompted to select a patient. (e.g. Jim Smith, James Smith, and Jimmy Smith).
  • If there a patient ID is entered and there is a conflict between the name and date-of-birth entered and the name and date-of-birth that came from the FHIR server, a warning prompt will be shown.
  • If there are no patients that match, the user can choose to create a new patient on the FHIR server.

Please see the PicSafe Documentation for more details.