PicSafe Version 2.5 Has Landed

May 24, 2018

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Version 2 5

PicSafe version 2.5 has just hit the App Store and Google Play. Among other things, you can now send via text message and WhatsApp; there is a new consent screen with video, and we now have DIY enterprise account management.

Version 2 5

New Features

Feature text message
Added the ability to send via Text Message.

Quickly flicking an image to a colleague or peer outside of a doctors current hospital/clinic is standard practice. Now doctors can comply with privacy regulations while doing so.

Feature whatsapp
Added the ability to send via WhatsApp.

Many institutions (rightly or wrongly) are using WhatsApp to communicate internally. That is a bad idea if sending photos. PicSafe now allows you to keep using WhatsApp but do so securely.

Feature consent
Added a standalone consent screen.

Doctors can hand their phone to patients, and the patient can view a 20-second explainer video before giving consent. This streamlines to process and prevents doctors from having to repeat themselves.

Feature no data
Allow sending reports without patient data (with a warning).

Although we don't recommend it because the contents of a photo can often be used to identify a patient, this feature has been requested by many. It allows doctors to take advantage of PicSafe stripping the metadata from photos.

Feature enterprise
Allow the app to accept enterprise users.

We have added an "Enterprise" section in "My PicSafe" that allows a manager to purchase enterprise licenses, add/invite users, and generally manage their account. Enterprise users get all the benefits of PicSafe PRO.

Feature export
Added the ability to export photos from open report previews

For PicSafe PRO and Enterprise users only. This allows photos to be added to medical record systems. Previously one had to use Box or Dropbox for this.

Small Improvements

  • Added an animation after sending a report.
  • Improved the layout of the Security page.
  • Improved the design of the "About PicSafe PRO" page.
  • Improved the wizard to auto enter patient details.
  • Added the ability to pause and restart the tutorial video.
  • Made purchase of PicSafe PRO quicker (through In-App Purchase). (iOS)
  • Made the "No Internet Connection" message more prominent.
  • Made country picker load quicker.
  • Added instructions about the email notifications in the settings.
  • Added Privacy Policy to the settings screen.
  • Added link to the Privacy Policy when signing up (for EU users).
  • Made text easier to read on upgrade prompt.
  • Removed dark tint from the header. (iOS)
  • Removed back button title of Access log page.
  • Made block access button higher on Access log page.
  • Added a prompt to add your signature to your account if you don't have one.
  • Track app opens.
  • Changed to use the URL.
  • Added more detail to PDF reports.
  • Made the inferred consent note in reports look better.
  • Made the consent ticks look a little better. (Android)
  • Only show the "Clear" button after there is something to clear.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where if you opened a sign in link from a URL on a super fast internet connection, the loading dialogue would not hide.
  • Added missing Ireland flag in the country selector.
  • Added the ability to opt-in to different types of communication during the sign-up process for EU users.
  • Fixed an issue where a report would not load correctly if there were some data in the form.
  • Delayed location permission prompt until you press the send button (when it is needed). (iOS)
  • Fixed location permission (Android)
  • Fixed an issue where the barcode and QR code scanner did not work if you used it before getting the camera permission (iOS).
  • Fixed issue where video thumbnails were not working on iOS 11. (iOS)
  • Fixed orientation of video and thumbnails on iOS 11. (iOS)
  • Scale video previews properly on iOS 11. (iOS)
  • Fixed issue where you would see the microphone prompt if clearing all data.
  • Fixed an issue where the location was not displayed in reports.
  • Fixed issue where access logs were not showing. (Android)
  • Fixed the label to indicate the type of custom integration.
  • Updated Dropbox log in to use the browser rather than a web view (change required by Dropbox).