PicSafe Version 2.7 Has Dropped

June 27, 2018

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Version 2 7

PicSafe version 2.7 has just hit the App Store and Google Play. Among other things, you can now send to the PicSafe Cloud; we have translated the consent screen to 19 different languages, and we now integrate seamlessly with FHIR.

Version 2 7

New Features

Ps cloud
Send to the PicSafe Cloud

PicSafe enables you to capture photos, video and audio and upload reports to the "PicSafe Cloud". This makes it super easy to get photos from your phone to your computer.

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19 languages
Consent in 19 Languages

To make it easier to get consent from patients that don't speak English as their first language, the PicSafe app now has the consent screen in 19 different languages.

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PicSafe Is Literally On FHIR

PicSafe now supports Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR). FHIR is the emerging standard for exchanging health information to and from electronic health records.

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Browser big
View Reports In Your Browser

Drag'n'drop PicSafe reports from your desktop to the My PicSafe page, and you can view/export them. This is great for those wanting to import reports into medical record systems.

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Small Improvements

  • A French version of the "What is PicSafe?" video.
  • Subtitles on "What is PicSafe?" video.
  • Improved My PicSafe on mobile.
  • Made the "Send to" screen more responsive when selecting an option.
  • Minor style tweaks to the Android app to make it more consistent.