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Can I view PicSafe reports on my computer?

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Browser If you receive a PicSafe Report (or you send it to yourself), you can go to Just drag and drop a .picsafe file into the grey rectangle or click on the "choose a file" label. When you select a file, it's NOT uploaded/sent to PicSafe's servers; instead, it's decrypted and uncompressed entirely in the browser. No patient data will be shared over the Internet.


  • You can view and save individual files and add them to various medical record systems.
  • We provide this decryption on a web page, so you don't have to go through IT to install software on your computer, and you can use it on any computer.
  • To decrypt files, you will need an updated browser (the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, or Internet Explorer).
  • Do not change the .picsafe filename; otherwise, we can't decrypt it.
  • To view an "access log" (who has viewed the report and when), open the file up on your mobile phone with the PicSafe app installed. There is an "Access Log" button in the top right.
  • To print a photo, save the file and print once it is on your computer.
  • If there are multiple photos in a report, you can use the arrow keys to move to the next or previous.

Decrypt in browser