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How do I send reports to Box?

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if you have PicSafe PRO or your part of a PicSafe Enterprise License, Box integration is inbuilt. You can use Box to keep an archive of patient media which is particularly useful for areas of medicine where it is appropriate to document visual changes over time. Box, in conjunction with PicSafe, can be used to help you comply with HIPAA and HITECH regulations.

To setup sending to Box, tap on the "Settings" button (on the primary form), then tap the "Box" row under the "Integrations" heading. Then tap on the "Log in to Box" button. You will be guided through the process to login to Box.

To send to Box, on the primary form just above the "Submit" button is a "send to" field. Tap on that and select "Box". Upon submitting, the app will upload the report to your Box account.

Note, "reports" you upload to Box can be found in an automatically generated "PicSafe" directory. The app uploads all reports over HTTPS. We do not encrypt reports using the key server when submitting to Box as we assume that Box stores all reports securely. Please see the Box HIPAA And HITECH Overview And FAQs for more information.