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How do I capture and send clinical photos to a FHIR based EMR?

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FHIR stands for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources. It is "the" emerging standard for exchanging health information to and from electronic health records. In short, this means that third-party applications that also support FHIR, like PicSafe, can integrate with EMR/EHR systems often without any work from IT. Most, if not all, progressive EMR and EHR software vendors support FHIR (or are planning on doing so).

PicSafe allows PRO and Enterprise users to "link" to their EMR/EHR account within the app. Reports sent "via FHIR" will be placed in the patient's medical record along with documentation of consent. PicSafe's FHIR integration even allows you to pick which patient's record a report should be added too if there is some ambiguity (e.g. if there are entries for a James Smith, Jim Smith, or Jimmy Smith all with the same date of birth). For more details on how FHIR works, please see the FHIR Documentation.


Your IT department must grant PicSafe permission to upload "reports" directly into FHIR. Click the button below to get an info pack to give your IT department. Assuming this has been done, you can follow these instructions.

Get IT Department Info Pack

  1. Tap on the Settings button (on the primary form).
  2. Tap the FHIR Integration row under the Medical Record Integrations heading.
  3. Select your Authentication type and enter the authentication details provided to you by your IT department.
  4. Enter the FHIR URL. Again, this will be provided to you by your IT department.
  5. Tap on the Connect button.
  1. Take a photo in PicSafe.
  2. (Optional) Enter or scan the Patient ID.
  3. Select FHIR in the send screen.

Why is this better than using the standard camera on my phone?

  1. You can document consent.
  2. Patient data doesn't travel internationally.
  3. Photos aren't stored alongside personal photos.
  4. Metadata is stripped from photos.
  5. Medical photos aren't accessible if you lose your phone.
  6. Patient Data is encrypted when transferred.
  7. It's easier than sending a photo to yourself and then importing it.

See the Can't I just use the default camera app? FAQ form more.

For Developers

PicSafe does "automated" integrations via Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR). FHIR is a standard way of defining an API for healthcare resources. More information can be found at the FHIR website and in the PicSafe Documentation.