Why is there a limit to length of video clips?

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There is a trade-off between length and practicality! Ideally PicSafe would provide longer videos, however, there are a number of factors that necessitate smaller videos.

  • All videos need to be compressed and encrypted on your device. This takes time. As devices generally get more powerful we might look to increase the limit because we could compress the video more (without loss of quality).
  • The longer the video is, the bigger the report file size. A bigger file size means:
    • It takes longer to send;
    • It uses more data to send;
    • It takes longer for the recipient to receive; and
    • It uses more data to receive (at the recipients cost).
    We obviously want to make PicSafe as quick to use as possible.
  • Given more time, users will use it without necessarily adding to the benefit of communicating the intent. Testing has showed that 5 second clips generally are more than enough for the purpose of demonstrating the desired representation.