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How secure is PicSafe?

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Security is paramount, and measures are inbuilt throughout the PicSafe system's structure. All reports are dated and time stamped, geotagged, encrypted and, if uploaded to a third party storage provider, securely transmitted over HTTPS. PicSafe allows transmission and storage media in compliance with appropriate security regulatory guidelines. Manipulation, modifying, or changing PicSafe media within a report in any manner, is not possible.

Some of the security features include:

  • A "passwordless" user authentication system.
  • All data wiped off your device as soon as it is uploaded or sent.
  • Media cannot be accidentally (or purposefully) uploaded to your device's cloud storage (e.g. iCloud).
  • All "reports" are encrypted using industry standard AES-256 encryption before being emailed.
  • All "reports" uploaded to Box or Dropbox are done so over HTTPS.
  • An audit trail of everyone that accesses a report.
  • An institution can "lock down" key servers with whitelist and blacklists of emails that can and can't access reports.
  • An institution can "lock down" the endpoint so that only users within a network can submit and access reports (if they wish).

Please see the PicSafe Security page on this website for more information.