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Is it safe to store patient data on Google Drive?

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Google drive

Many healthcare organizations are already using Google's G Suite. This includes Google Drive, which is a convenient platform for storing and sharing files.

Google Drive offers HIPAA-compliant secure storage option, and while HIPAA is a US-based standard for protecting patient privacy, it is viewed by many around the world as the gold standard in patient privacy regulation. Given Google offers a HIPAA-compliant secure storage option, it means Google Drive, in conjunction with PicSafe, can use used to help you comply with HIPAA and HITECH. Please see the HIPAA Compliance with G Suite and Cloud Identity page on their website for more detailed information.

Google is, however, a US company and, hence, raises the issue of data sovereignty.

Google allows you to choose a geographic location for your data, however the options are either the United States or Europe. To do this you need to have a G Suite Business account. You may need legal advice to determine if this is acceptable. If your organization is already using Gmail or other G Suite products then chances are the lawyers have already review this.

A "G Suite Basic" account gives you 30GB of storage. This should be enough for roughly 6,000 photos. A "G Suite Business" account gives you unlimited storage.