ER Doctors, you can now comply with privacy regulations when taking patient photos

Securely capture, send and store patient consented photos, videos and audio with the free PicSafe app.

  • Comply with Australian Privacy regulations and AMA guidelines.
  • It's a free app for iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Beautifully designed and easy to use.

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Secure & Encrypted

Built from the ground up with security in mind. We encrypt all data and media before sending.


Super easy to use, just like the camera app on your phone. Capturing patient consented photos is a snap!

Patient Consent

Patients sign on the screen, or record verbal consent. Consent stored with photos/video/audio.

Send to Medical Record

Easy integration with medical record systems, and third party storage services (Dropbox and Box).

Audit Trail

Access to reports is logged and is therefore traceable (geo/time/device stamped).

Erased From Device

Upon sending, the app removes all patient data from the device. No more accidental privacy breaches!

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Use Cases for Emergency Doctors

PicSafe® can be used for many purposes in medicine, but it possibly provides more value to derms than any other area!


"PicSafe ensures that the collection, use and disclosure of clinical photographs accords with the requirements of the HRA, without compromising efficiency - one of the major benefits of using clinical photographs."

Clinical Photography: Smarter Phone Use - VicDoc - Magazine of the Australian Medical Association - Nov, 2013
*Note: This article refers to a previous iteration PicSafe called PicSafe Medi. We've subsequently dropped the "Medi". Click here for details.


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