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Can you take photos of x-rays?

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A study published in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health found that smartphone photos taken of X-ray images can be just as effective as the standard films.

While the study does not give reasons for this, we speculate that the following factors are at play:

  • It is quicker to take a photo of an X-ray and send it via your smartphone than either send the film or request that the recipient logs into a proprietary system for view the image. In many situations, a quick answer can significantly improve a patients outcome.
  • Often the recipient of an X-ray will not have a light box and will simply hold it up to a window or a light. In situations where a photo is taken of an X-ray on a light box, it might actually be easier to view.

We would not advocate doing away with the transmission of full resolution X-rays. However, the study above suggests there is a time an a place where taking a photo of an X-ray can deliver the same information but do so more efficiently. Common sense should always prevail, and medical decisions should not be made based on a photo if it is unclear.