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How do I capture and send clinical photos to a Custom Integration?

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If your practice, clinic, or hospital is using a third-party medical record system or clinic management software, that is not FHIR compatible, to fully automate the process, you may have to lobby the vendor or your IT department to provide access. Understandably, access is locked down by default. It takes two to tango, just as it takes two to integrate into third-party software. PicSafe will work with software vendors or your IT department to help integrate.

Integration with a medical record system is obviously more relevant for those that operate the IT department of an institution (hospital, clinic, etc.). If you want to integrate PicSafe reports into a patients medical record, PicSafe provides a simple API to allow you to do so.

Ultimately, you will need to set up a private "Endpoint", and we also recommend you set up a private "Key Server". PicSafe provides a turnkey Docker image for hosting a private Key Server. PicSafe also provides a sample Endpoint application. You will need to write middleware to take reports uploaded to the endpoint and move them into your medical record system (PicSafe does not perform this integration).

For more details, please see the "How do I set up a private Endpoint?" FAQ. For even more detail on how endpoints work and how to integrate PicSafe into medical record systems, please see the Integrations Section of this website.


We will assume a custom integration has been set up. These are the steps for a user.

  1. Take a photo in the PicSafe app, enter the patient's details and get consent.
  2. Tap on the Send to row and select the custom integration.
  3. Tap the Send button, and the report is sent!