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How do I sign in if my phone can't receive emails from the address I used when signing up?

Other FAQs

  1. After you sign up, you will get an email that looks like this (below). Note the 5-digit code. You can use this if your email goes to a different device to the one you are trying to sign in. Spacer
  1. Back on your phone, you will be on a screen that looks like this (below). Tap on the "Enter Code" button. Spacer
  1. You will now be on a screen that looks like this (below). Enter the 5-digit code form the email. Spacer

That should do it!

We use the "passwordless" login system because:

  • The most significant security threat (and annoyance to users) is users using bad passwords. A considerable percentage of people use the same password for multiple services. Once one service is hacked, and a password is exposed the hacker can then get access to many other systems.
  • People are, generally, terrible at remembering passwords. They often write them down which is not at all secure. If they don't write the password down, they end up resetting the password, which is mostly the same process we are using here.
  • We need to validate user emails to we know who they say they are when they log in.
  • The vast majority of users, when signing up for services (such as PicSafe in this case) have access to their email on the device they sign up.