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Can we make sure that patient data does not leave our country?

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We recognize that many hospitals and institutions have this as a restriction imposed on them. We would argue that if the report is encrypted, it does not matter where the data travels but that is a side issue here!

You have a few options.

If sending via email

PicSafe allows "Reports" to be sent via email directly from the device. Regular email routing will apply. It depends on your ISP and the location of the email server of both sender and recipient as to whether it will "travel" through another country.

If sending to an Institution Endpoint

When sending via an endpoint that you have set up, it will again depend on your ISP. Unless using a VPN, it is improbable that your ISP would route traffic through another country if both the sender and the endpoint are in the same country.

It is possible to set an "Endpoint" within a network and thereby to make the Endpoint an internal IP address. That would mean that only users that are also on the internal network can submit reports and would, therefore, guarantee that not only would data not leave the country, but it also would not leave the hospitals/institutions network.